This diving safari combines the most famous wrecks in the Northern Red Sea with the stunning wrecks of Aida II and Numidia in Big Brother’s Island. Having sunk in 1901, the Numidia has a spectacular growth of soft and hard corals, that makes it a pleasure for both reef and wreck lovers, not to mention the chance to spot a variety of sharks and pelagics in the blue! This Red Sea diving safari will be the right one for you!

Dive the famous four wrecks of Abu Nuhas, the Ships’ Graveyard. This reef lies close to the ship-lane toward the Suez Canal and has claimed more ships than any other in the Red Sea. The wrecks are very scenic, covered in corals and they are fantastic for photography, especially the Carnatic, having sunk in 1869.

The very famous SS Thistlegorm and the recently discovered Rosalie Moeller are World War II wrecks and one of the highlights of this Red Sea diving safari. The SS Thistlegorm sunk in 1941, having been bombed by the Germans while on a mission to deliver a cargo of ammunition and war materials to the British troops in North Africa. The Rosalie Moeller, a British coal cargo, suffered the same demise only two days later.

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