When entering Egypt, each guest is asked by the Egyptian government for a valid travel / health insurance which must be presented.

From September 1st, all travelers are required to provide a negative PCR laboratory test result for the coronavirus when entering Egypt. (Click here for more information.)

As a safari company, Sea Serpent Fleet needs to know the guest’s medical history in the past 6 months and the last 3 weeks before check-in. This means whether he or a first-degree family member has had the corona virus in the past 6 months. It is also about the last 3 weeks before departure: how was the guest’s health? Has a family member / contact person shown symptoms? Each guest will fill out a questionnaire as shortly as possible before the start of the safari and we recommend having it certified by a doctor. The health documents are then sent to us 1-3 days before the safari.

Here you can download:

  • The questionnaire to be filled out by each participant. (Medical certification is desired.)
    To be filled and send it back 1-3 days before the start of the safari.
  • Recommendations from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Sea Serpent Fleet
  • Instructions and safety measures for the liveaboard

Have a safe and great week onboard Sea Serpent Fleet boats!

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(last update: 21-Aug-2020)