St. John’s is a collection of small reefs in the Red Sea offering some of the best Red Sea diving. Habili Ali will make even the most experienced of divers sigh with wonder when admiring the forests of huge fan corals and black corals that populate its walls. At its western end grey reef, silver-tip and big schools of hammerhead sharks may be observed. Have also a look out for the curious and impressive bump-head parrot fish that are typical for the St. John’s area.

Shaab Sataya, the largest reef system in Fury Shoals, has it all – shear walls, ancient amphorae and yet another possibility to swim with big pods of friendly and playful spinner dolphins.

Shaab Abu Galawa Saghira with its wonderful hard coral garden in the shape of an amphitheatre is truly memorable and will let you enjoy the Red Sea diving to the utmost.

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