Why Dive The Red Sea?

Diving the Red Sea is a fascinating exploration of one of our planet’s most exotic and enchanting natural seascape environments.

Where the desert meets the ocean and where the Asian and African continents connect, the Red Sea holds beneath its crystal blue surface a vibrant oasis of living creatures, reefs and coral formations spanning the full spectrum of the colors of the rainbow – a visionary paradise which can be explored while diving the Red Sea.

In no other sea in the world will you find such a diverse array of coral and marine life – it is little wonder that divers whisper in awe when describing such a feast of beauty.

On a diving safari in the Red Sea you can experience close encounters with more than 2,000 species of fish and coral. From the depths of the Blue Hole to the spectacular and exclusive reefs of the marine parks, you will find a smorgasbord of marine life that is almost surreal.

Through the lenses of a dive mask, it is the brilliance of color that brings divers the most fascination. Many coral species in the Red Sea are photosynthetic, which creates a colourific glory that is unsurpassed.

In the Red Sea the abundant marine life is coupled with excellent visibility due to very little rainfall. Water temperatures remain unusually constant year-round with a yearly average of 24.5 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 28-30 degrees Celsius in the summer.

The Red Sea which reaches depths of 3000 meters in central parts, forms the northern extension of the great rift valley, a massive geological fault that runs the entire length of the African continent. The rift’s spectacular topography of mountains and valleys are mirrored underwater with deep trenches and isolated sea mounts. This means drop-offs and walls of more than 300 meters in places and it is this underwater diversity that has lead to such an abundant variety of dive sites and marine life that make the Red Sea so famous and unique – diving in teh Red Sea has it all.

Let our experienced captains and dive guides escort you on a safari in the Red Sea to explore, by day or by night, all those remote and unspoiled reefs that make diving in the Red Sea such an amazing experience, one never to be forgotten.

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