The Brother Islands, the tops of two undersea mountains rising from the depth, are located about 50 nautical miles off-shore, near the town of Quseir in the Red Sea. Part of the marine park, they offer breathtaking underwater scenery, wall diving along their entire perimeter and the possibility to spot a wide variety of pelagics.

Their walls are covered in soft corals of all colors, black corals and forests of fan corals, creating a true feast for the eyes. Big tuna, shoals of jack fish and snappers cruise in the blue accompanied by hammerheads, grey reef, silver-tip, silky and oceanic white-tip sharks and mantas.

The thresher shark, an oceanic species, as well as the magnificent Whale Shark, occasionally spotted close to the reef, circle the walls of the Brothers on a regular basis. While diving in this area of the Red Sea the huge and spectacular moon fish has also been spotted several times near the reefs.

The Aida II, an Egyptian supply vessel and the Numidia, a cargo ship sunk in 1901, lie on the walls of the Big Brother. They are covered in soft and hard corals and they are a real treat.

On your way back along the coast you will visit the infamous Salem Express wreck, which, up until recently was one of the worst maritime tragedies in the history of the Red Sea, and has been reported to have claimed more than a thousand lives.

Tragedy aside, Salem Express remains one of the largest accessible wrecks in the Egyptian Red Sea and diving it is a spiritual experience, as well as a very satisfying one for all wreck fanatics.

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